The Gild of Freemen of the City of York
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Welcome to the website for the Gild of Freemen of the City of York.

How do I become a Freeman?

Patrimony (birthright)
All the children of a Freeman of the City of York are eligible once they reach the age of 21. Alternatively a claim may be made through a grandparent, great grandparent or great great grandparent (whether living or dead).

To become a Freeman by servitude a candidate needs to be accepted as an apprentice to a master craftsman for five years. The master craftsman himself is required to be a Freeman of York.  

Please click on the Freemen tab above for more information.

Pasture Masters are required for Bootham and Walmgate Strays.  Please click on the “Strays of York” tab under “Freemen” for more details.

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For general information on the Freemen of York and the Gild please click here to download a two page leaflet.

For information about York’s walls please visit the Friends of York Walls website.

Gild Data Privacy Notice

At the Gild AGM at Bedern Hall on 28th June 2019 a cheque for £1,120 was presented to Kyla de Lehenstein Collins of Martin House Hospice, the Master’s charity for the year.

Photograph taken by Paul Colbeck.

What is the Micklegate Strays Trust and how could it benefit me?

More details are here.